The story goes that it started with $25. In 1977 five animal lovers, each pitching in $5, formed the Floyd County Animal Rescue League. Abandoned dogs and cats were rampant in New Albany and throughout Floyd County. The New Albany ‘pound,’ where many of those animals ended their lives, was a brutal municipal disgrace, not from intent but neglect.

The Floyd County Animal Rescue League is a non-profit local grassroots animal welfare organization dedicated to reducing the number of homeless animals.  We sponsor spay/neuter programs and provide adoption and medical support for the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter.  We have volunteers that donate many hours towards the care and adoption of shelter animals.

The New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter is a municipal facility operated by the City of New Albany and Floyd County.  It is part of the city and county Animal Control function as required by city and county laws and regulations.  

The Rescue League is a non-profit volunteer organization that carries out one part of our mission by working with the shelter to help reduce euthanasia, increase adoptions, keep the shelter animals healthier and happier, sponsor fundraising events, and recruit volunteers.